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July 13, 2013
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Equestria Girls Alternate Ending by Darkonix Equestria Girls Alternate Ending by Darkonix
I don't know about 'yall, but that redemption thing at the end of Equestria Girls was just horrible. If it were up to me it would have been something like this. Now I'm not much of a comic artist, but I hope I conveyed the idea well enough.

EDIT: I am frequently getting the comment: The chains are too dark. Or This would be better without the chains. Or I don't think the chains are appropriate. Now, I'm not really a good person to say what is or is not appropriate, but are you guys seriously being irked by chains? CHAINS? It's a commonly used restraining device. You know those links between hand cuffs? CHAINS. I'm not about to judge any of you, but I just don't understand how this would be considered inappropriate.

The second panel is set up to be DARK and MOODY to lead up to the emotional aspect of the following panels. I'm glad some of you are getting that dark feeling but I can't help but find it silly to be off put by chains. How would you have me restrain her? Word of mouth? Regular jail bars? This isn't a question of morality, but one of restraining a potent magic user. A former student of Celestia.

Also it isn't explicitly stated but she is only in there for a few hours before they come in. You guys are letting your imagination over react

Again I'm just a little confused.
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the movie should've ended with this honestly..
Man, I've seen many alternate versions of "the redemption of sunset shimmer" thing, and they're all better than what actually happened!
nice work!
princessponypaint Feb 3, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
that would be a cooler ending, i could just think about future episodes with sunset shimmer! ;P
I love the comic... Good job
Bellekitten Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
this comic is crap and you are a faler
shut up troll. this comic has feels and you are heartless.
Bellekitten Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
ahehh screw you
*fires anti-troll cannon. and then I run.
Bellekitten Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
*runs at you with a 100000000 troll faces* take this!
I won't want to turn this to a comment war. I better end this before it gets out of hands.

*transports all troll faces to the moon for eternity.
*send Bellekitten to the time-space distortion for eternity
*close all barriers and prevent him/her from breaking physics so that she won't escape.
*ready orbital friendship in case if he/she escape.
*booby trap him/her prison with 10000 Justin Bieber/One Direction songs
*booby trap him/her prison with 1000 fairies and 100000000000000000000000000000000000 supernatural boxers and infinite Kaijus.
*bobby trap him/her prison with her most hated things and biggest fears.
*lock her prison with giant Locks and Chains.
*booby trap the exit route with 10, 000 C4s.
*Place impenetrable shield around Earth and this dimension.
*Load anti-virus.exe

There. This will prevent Comment War, although, just in case if she replies, anyone please take over, I don't want to be involved in a comment war.
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